A Romantic Calamity

Since its conception in January 2015, A Romantic Calamity has been nominated for a NE Bloggers Award and featured interviews with a number of emerging musical artists. As a personal project begun by Holly for a space to freely practise and explore fashion, music, photography and her own personal style, it has since bloomed into a respectable source of fresh, integral content relating to a number of genres. 

Music has always been Holly's favourite escape, and throughout her time at university it has naturally and successfully become intrinsic to her work. Holly was nominated for a North East Bloggers Award in 2015 in the music category, organised by respected, Newcastle based agency O PR. Over the past few years, Holly has been contacted by a number of artists and PR companies asking her to write about their music on her blog. Recently, Holly has covered events such as Years End Festival 2018, and DIY’s Neu Tour.

As well as music, Holly enjoys sharing her personal photography, adventures and fashion amongst a range of other content. Given the scope of topics Holly likes to write about, A Romantic Calamity has no overarching theme of content which it will include; Holly refuses to give it a genre as to not limit the possibilities of what A Romantic Calamity can become. 

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Here is a taste of the images Holly has published on A Romantic Calamity.