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'A Small Allowance' is a project that Holly began whilst living abroad in Canada. Inspired by the stories told between travellers over a round of drinks in Banff in 2016, Holly decided that when she returned to Canada, she wanted to discover more about the motivations individuals like herself have for leaving their homeland and rooting themselves somewhere alien. 

Throughout her time in Canada, Holly interviewed a myriad of travellers from all across the world, in the hope of inspiring others with their wanderlust. Asking her interviewees to reflect on their inspirations for world travel, their adventures abroad and what they have each learned from these experiences, Holly uncovered some truly beautiful and uplifting stories.

In just over a year, A Small Allowance has attracted readers from across the continents. Now home, Holly is rounding up the final stories and exploring new possibilities for the future of A Small Allowance.

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