Holly Iles  

1st Class Fashion Communication BA Honours Graduate

Holly is currently living in Leeds, working on her journalistic and photographical pursuits. After returning from Canada in November 2018, Holly has been focusing on her music blog, A Romantic Calamity, to help promote emerging artists and report on live events across the North. Holly has also been writing freelance blog posts for companies such as Music Gateway.

Holly recently spent a year living in Banff, Canada on a working holiday visa. One of Holly’s motivations for travelling was the opportunity of expanding her photographic portfolio. After travelling some of Canada’s most breath-taking provinces, Holly has developed a beautiful and varying collection of landscapes. Whilst she was living in Canada, Holly was also working on travel journalism blog, named A Small Allowance, featuring interviews from fellow travellers from across the globe. Holly was fascinated by the different motivations individuals had for uprooting themselves and moving across the world, so she set out to interview a mixture of travellers asking them to reflect on home, cultural differences and their adventures.

Holly graduated from Northumbria University in 2016 with a first class in Fashion Communication. Towards the end of studies, Holly focused her work on music, her greatest passion. Holly has demonstrated her skills with producing magazines, creating striking imagery and creating engaging PR campaigns surrounding the theme of music. In 2015, Holly won a competition as part of a live brief with the award-winning agency, O PR, for a fashion film she produced for Dr Martens.