PLAYLUST is an alternative music magazine which celebrates alternative music and self expression. PLAYLUST is produced as a printed publication because it's focus is the raw emotion behind the music and the intimacy of physical interaction with music.

PLAYLUST is a more experiential magazine than those currently on the market; experimenting with different formats and editing techniques to make each photo-shoot unique, mixed with honest interviews and pieces of original creative writing to portray the feelings experienced whilst interacting with musicians of varying genres. 

A variety of musicians and bloggers on this project, all interested and producing art in different genres. PLAYLUST is for fans of rock, indie, reggae and electronic genres. Extensive research has been carried out to ensure there is a market for this magazine and that PLAYLUST's focus on self expression and atmospheric photography is unique to this magazine. 

Here is a printed copy of PLAYLUST Magazine, alongside spreads from the first issue. Note: These spreads have been displayed in this way to ensure the detail of the imagery be preserved.